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About Us

Heat & Frost  Training Center

The Heat & Frost Training Center is a brand new state of the art facility and the Skilled Trades BC designated provider for Mechanical Insulation training in BC. It hosts up to 16 students per level  and provides all the necessary equipment and tools needed for apprentices to succeed. In order for apprentices to achieve a Red Seal Journeyperson status in BC for Heat & Frost (Insulation) one must register through our training center, finish all 4 levels of technical training, and pass the Inter Provincial Red Seal exam. Insulators are required to have 720 hours of technical training, and  6,660 hours of on-the-job training in order to qualify and write the final exam. 

Mechanical Insulation 
  • ​​​​​Mechanical Insulation is defined to encompass all thermal, acoustical, and personnel safety requirements in mechanical piping and equipment. This includes hot and cold applications, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications, as well as Refrigeration and other low-temperature piping and equipment applications.


  • Mechanical insulation in the Commercial Sector is defined to include education, health care, institutional, retail and wholesale, office, food processing, light manufacturing, and similar applications.


  • Mechanical insulation in the Industrial Sector is defined to include power, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, refining, gas processing, brewery, heavy manufacturing, and similar applications.

  • Mechanical Insulators apply, remove and repair thermal and acoustical insulation using a range of insulation materials (e.g., fiberglass, mineral wool, styrofoam, elastomeric foam etc). They are what we call Energy Conservation Specialists because they are at the forefront of creating less green house gas emissions from BC's buildings and refineries by saving energy and creating little to no carbon footprint.

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